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About Bahia Concepcion


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Bahía Concepción lies just south of Mulegé and 625 miles south of the Tijuana border. One of the most beautiful spots in Baja, the bay is just over 20 miles long and varies in width from two to five miles.

This beautiful bay has, over the years, become the final destination for many Baja travelers. A lot of seasoned Baja travelers simply aim straight for Bahía Concepción with no intention of going any farther. Many first timers arrive and they are absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty and serenity of this area…somehow they just cannot manage to leave and finish their trip farther south, often extending their vacation plans by days or even weeks.

Incredible anchorages are too numerous to count, making this area a sailors dream come true.

This incredible bay was once teeming with scallops, oysters, butter calms and nice sized game fish. My first remembrance of any mention of Bahia Conception was when someone told me (in the early 1970’s) that the bottom of this bay was paved with butter clams and scallops. The oysters and scallops are long gone, as are most of the game fish. These days the clams that are available and the bigger fish are only found only along the beaches of the eastern shore. Humanity just seems to have a natural talent for depleting nature’s bounty.

There are beach side campgrounds, with varying degrees of services for RV’s and campers scattered along the coast below Mulegé. Some of these campgrounds offer complete services and even a restaurant or two. Most others offer no services at all and many camping spots are rather impromptu, discovered only as the need for a siesta arises. The few small stores that serve this area keep irregular hours, at best, and may be closed for days, weeks or even months at a time.

The fishing along the western shore of Bahía Concepción is not the best in this region although some smaller, yet tasty, fish can still be caught within the bay. The eastern shoreline offers a completely different set of circumstances, mainly because of the great effort it takes to get there. The rugged eastern shore is not easily reached and is largely uninhabited. Visits to the eastern shore should only be attempted in 4×4, high clearance vehicles, that are well equipped for extreme conditions.

A few primitive fish camps dot the shore, but they are mostly seasonal and may be uninhabited depending on the current fishing conditions. Think twice before any attempt to experience the truly unique adventure that this pristine piece of “The Real Baja” has to offer.

What makes Bahia Concepcion Unique?

This giant bay within the Sea of Cortez – offers travelers a close up of what “The Real Baja” is all about. The 28 miles of highway that hug the coast below Mulegé offers direct access to what are considered by many to be the finest beaches in all of Baja.

The rugged eastern finger of Bahía Concepción remains mostly unexplored, and almost completely uninhabited.

Bahía Concepción is one of Baja’s favored spots for kayakers, those with RV’s, campers, sailors and anyone who just loves beautiful beaches and quiet coves.

The bay is especially good for novice kayaker’s and sail boarder’s as it is usually quite glassy with with light winds and not much in the way of strong currents.