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Ciudad Constitucion in Baja California Sur is located on the Tran peninsular highway, 90 miles from Loreto and 130 miles from La Paz, in the agricultural heart of Santo Domingo’s Valley. Its population is devoted to agriculture, cattle raising and in a smaller scale to trade. It is the fourth-largest community in the state (behind La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, and San José del Cabo), and serves as a gateway to Magdalena Bay.

At the end of the 40’s by president’s ordinance Miguel German, the program of colonization of Santo Domingo’s Valley began, increasing the population’s rate at the end of the 60’s and with it appeared diverse institutions and agro industries.

The importance of Ciudad Constitucion has increased since 1971, when it was transformed into the head of the municipality of Comondu, which confers the category of political – administrative center of a very important portion of the state.

At the present time Ciudad Constitucion is the pride of the comundeños and all those generations of men and women the made “vergel” through the desert with great will and dedication just as the pilgrims in the USA.

This quaint and beautiful city serves an important role in providing an infrastructure of service for the visiting entrepreneur or for the adventurous, explorers of mission sites, whale sightings, aquatic activities in the Pacific.

What makes Ciudad Constitucion Unique?

It is very close to the Baja 1000 course.

As one of the Baja Sur agricultural areas, it’s dotted with farms dedicated to cultivation of wheat, chickpea, cotton, asparagus, citrics, vegetables, among others crops.

Magdalena Bay – a 50 km long bay protected from the Pacific Ocean by the sandy barrier islands of Isla Magdalena and Isla Santa Margarita and particularly noted for the seasonal migration of the California Gray Whales that come here during winter to mate.

The bay is also popular – for commercial and sports fishing.

Nearby mangrove swamps – provide sanctuaries for sea birds.