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The Muncipo of Comondú covers a vast amount of sparsely inhabited desert, and looks much like an 3/8 mile wide, 10mile long crack running the center of the Sierra de la Giganta, hosting a population of about 63,850. The seventh-largest municipality in area in Mexico, it is located on the western side of the Sierra Giganta mountains, and boasts an awe inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean. Tall Palm trees, lush gardens, and thriving orchards will astound you. Here is a slice of the Baja that originally made the peninsula so attractive in the early days. Comondú is remote, friendly, and teeming with nature’s wonders.

The picturesque villages of San Miguel and San Jose de Comondu, about two miles apart, were established by missionaries from Loreto, exploring the area in search of more mission sites. Comondu was discovered 32 miles northwest of that port, halfway between the two seas and located beside a spring where several tribes of Indians lived. In order to convert them, José de la Peña Castrejón and Salzinez Marquis de Villapuente founded these missions. Now, these quaint villages provide the ideal jumping off place for those who love adventure, ecotourism, regional history and culture. These oases in the desert and rugged peaks with cave paintings provide a multitude of sites to explore.

What Makes Comondu Unique?

Sport fishing is excellent throughout the whole year, producing marlin, dorado, billfish and tuna record catches.

San Carlos Port: magnificent natural geography and its temperate climate during the months of December, January, February and March .Here visitors can see the interior of Magdalena and Santa Maria bays, the gray whale migration, and comings/goings of ships in port.
For the nautical sports and ecological tourism lovers, you will be able to enjoy eco-tourism and adventurous activities such as kayaking, sky diving and camping.

Adolfo López Mateos Port :located in the north part of Magdalena Bay, 63Km to the west of Constitución city, this port as well as San Carlos is the favorite place of the gray whale to undergo their reproductive cycle yearly. The boat crews will take you as close as possible of these gigantic and friendly cetaceans.

Bay of San Juanico: This beautiful bay, also known as Scorpion Bay, is located 202 kilometers north of Constitución City. Favored by surfers looking for the longest waves the Pacific ocean can offer during summer and winter months.

“El Aguaje”: is located 3 Km. to the northwest of San Juanico, a small and beautiful oasis and very close to La Punta de Santo Domingo there is a place where you can see a great sea lion, a shelter for seals, gulls, fish and mollusks of great beauty.

Magdalena Bay has an average depth of 33 meters and it is connected to the sea through a wide mouth. It is a region of great commercial importance as well as a resting, refuge, mating and breeding ground for migratory birds, gray whales, turtles, dolphins, sea lions, fragatas, herons, gulls and fishing eagles.

La Purísima and San Isidro are peaceful populations 145-150 km from Ciudad Constitucion surrounded by mountains and located inside the northern area of Comondú municipality. This place surrounded by mountains of little height, is famous for El Pilon hill with its conical 400 m shape in the middle of a creek. In these towns, you’ll experience excellent goat cheese, and canned fruits and dates of exceptional quality, made in the traditional ways of prior ancestors.

Constitución City; Head of the municipality of Comondú, it is located on the transpeninsular highway, 147 kilometers to the southwest of Loreto and 211 to the north of La Paz.

San José de Comondú Mission : In 1827, the mission was abandoned and at the beginning of the present century an important part of the church was demolished to build a school. At present, one of the authentic naves can be appreciated, which remains open to worship. The big blocks of the ruined walls surrounding it give an idea of the magnitude of the original building. 3 bells are preserved dated at 1697, 1708 and 1741 and several old houses considered national historical monuments.

Mission of San Luis Gonzaga: Located in San Luis Gonzaga village, shows evidences of a prosperous past, although the buildings of the mission were partially destroyed by the treasure seekers the area gives us a clear vision of the way of former Californians in absolute harmony with their environment.