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About east cape


Located one hundred twenty kilometers south of La Paz, along the road through San Antonio and San Bartolo,you’ll find access to the numerous beaches facing Punta Pescadero and the area that is known as Rancho Buena Vista and Los Barriles.

In 1953, the Rancho Buena Vista hotel opened with 12 rooms and an airstrip, followed in 1958 by the Bah’a de Palmas hotel, thus opening the gates to tourism on the fabulous East Cape or “Cabo del Este” as it is known locally.

Here the sensational sportfishing, diving, windsurfing and trekking are just some of the numerous adventure activities that await you.

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Some will tell you that the East Cape is not for everyone, but that’s the whole point – being removed from the outside world is what visitors find so appealing. The East Cape is what Los Cabos must have been like quite a few years ago, though several big developments are on the way in Los Barriles, La Ribera and El Rincón, to start.

The term “East Cape” applies to a large swath of excellent fishing spots rather than one town or an urban area. In fact, it’s hard to find any map with East Cape on it, although those who love it distinguish the region in various Baja fishing books. Generally, the East Cape covers Los Barriles, Buena Vista, Punta Colorado, Cabo Pulmo National Park and Bahía Los Frailes.

Much of this area is still ‘off the grid’, meaning infrastructure for utilities is still under development, roads can be difficult to traverse, and water is trucked in, but the hardy souls looking for peace, beautiful surroundings and views will be drawn to the area.

Weather here is more dramatic that at the southern tip of the Baja. Here, on East Cape you’ll find the windsurfing capital of the WORLD…hence, an indication that winds are stronger and more persistent here. This means it will be cooler most of the hear, and considered ‘cold’ in the winters by many. Summers here are, on the other hand, frequently hotter, but with wonderful breezes that over ride the heat’s effects.


What makes the East Cape unique?

Surfing, for one — the waves are often dotted with boards and sails, especially in Los Barriles. From December to March, the beaches of Los Barriles swarm with windsurfers.

Fishing – Fishermen love the many ideal spots in which to cast away, but you can just as easily rent a panga and glide out to sea, maybe wait around for one of those famous sunsets on a kayak or go on an ATV tour through the desert.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park – the only living coral reef in the Northern Pacific. It’s a favorite spot for divers, who come to admire the region’s spectacular underwater life.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort – a favorite among the fishing crowd (and even those who don’t fish) for its comfortable bungalows. Formerly a Mexican general’s home, the estate has grown into a collection of Mediterranean-style bungalows, popular with repeat travelers and fishing families looking for quieter good times. A sign at the reception reads: Work is for people who don’t fish.

Bisbee Fishing Events – Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort has had the opportunity to partner with the Bisbee family and host the prestigious Bisbee international fishing events.