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cabo properties for sale
cabo properties for sale


Elias Calles is about a 25 minute drive North from Migrino on the Pacific Highway …

During this drive, you’ll experience dramatic desert-scapes of elephant trees, Damina plants and a great variety of catci growing right up to the sandy beach with peaceful views of the distant ocean.

Currently home to approximately 500 residents who love the area enough to endure a lack of infrastructure, with solar heating and trucked water, the entire area has been rumored to be the future site of numerous golf courses and high end resorts. As the new 4-lane highway nears completion, connecting LaPaz with Todos Santos and then to Cabo San Lucas the missing infrastructure will follow, potentially bringing rumors to fruition in the next few years.

15 minutes North of Elias Calles, Los Cerritos Bay (approximately 7 miles long).is the only truly swimmable beach on the Pacific Side, and you’ll find it a very popular day adventure for locals as well as visitors. This 7 mile stretch of land will also see a major transformation within the next few years as parcels are scooped up by developers for future developments, from gated communities with luxurious homes and large parcels of land for your horses, to boutique hotels to cater the affluent in search of peace and quiet. It’s just a matter of time as the global economies recover. But for the moment, savvy investors are here to take advantage of the tremendous prices, views, and future potential.