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About mulege


Mulegé is a beautiful oasis town located along the Sea of Cortez, and enjoys a typically mild Baja climate that many travelers find to be exactly what they are seeking.

Mulegé is the gateway to Bahía Concepción, a large bay within the Sea of Cortez. This area, without a doubt, is one of Baja’s most beautiful areas. Countless beautiful coves and inlets, most with exquisite white sand beaches are seemingly around every corner.

The 20 miles of highway that hug the coast below Mulegé give access to what are considered by many to be the nicest beaches in all of Baja. This special area of Baja offers endless swimming, snorkeling and camping opportunities along with virtually endless (spectacular) photo opportunities of the peaceful bays, coves and islands of Bahía Concepción.

What Makes Mulegé Unique?

Mulege’s incredible petroglyphs and cave paintings making for an easy half day excursion. A guide is necessary and also required by law.

This area is extremely popular with fishing, snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Sea kayaking in the peaceful waters of Bahía Concepción, to the south, is another increasingly popular activity.

Mountain biking is also gaining popularity and Mulegé has long been a favorite with off-road motorcyclists