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cabo properties for sale
cabo properties for sale


cabo properties for sale

San Jose del Cabo is on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, the land immediately south of the United States, cut-off from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez, sometimes also referred to as the Gulf of California. San Jose del Cabo is a place where you can ride horses on uncrowded trails overlooking beaches where the turtles lay their eggs (the Presidente Inter-Continental Los Cabos Resort has a turtle nursery), a place where nature lovers can hike through the estuary, bird watch, ride mountain bikes, surf, fish, golf, snorkel, or just explore the neighborhood.

What Makes San Jose del Cabo Unique?

Let’s start with the beaches – And what beaches they are! Fronting on the beautiful Gulf of California, San Jose del Cabo offers outstanding swimming, kayaking, water skiing, Jet Ski jaunts and SCUBA diving and snorkeling. The warm, clear waters will beckon to you, and you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away!.

Cacti Mundo – features over 5,000 plants and was created for the promotion, conservation, and reproduction of some typical Mexican desert plants, as well as species from various other regions of the planet.

The Turtle Hatchery – releases about 30,000 turtles a year with local citizens and tourists participating in the release of hundreds and hundreds of hatchlings a day in October, the peak month for the Olive Ridley(Golfina) turtle.

San Jose Estuary – Here fresh water from the Rio San Jose combines with the salt water of the Sea of Cortez, creating Estuary Beach. The estuary consists of about 125 acres and is home to over 350 species of wildlife and plant life. Estuary Beach is a great place to bird watch or simply explore.