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Nestled on a white, sandy beach on the East Cape 70 miles southeast of La Paz, and 35 miles north of Los Cabos Airport off Highway #1. The luxurious Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is situated on the East Cape along the Sea of Cortez.

Buena Vista and Los Barriles are two seaside areas that still retain much of the kick-back pace that made Baja popular! Fabulous sandy beaches, clean beautiful seas filled with fish, crystal clear air, and a remote feeling that seems far removed from civilization. The Baja Highway briefly kisses the coast here, helping to support the LOCAL inhabitants, before heading back inland on its way to the 24 hour party at Cabo San Lucas.

cabo properties for sale
cabo properties for sale


Fishing is still big in Buena Vista, much as it was in the glory days of the Peninsula when Baja legend Ray Cannon called Rancho Buena Vista home. Although the fish are not as thick as they were in those old days, this beautiful fish trap still has plenty of pesca to go around.

There are a few small (yet wonderful!) beach side hotels in the area, but other services are just basic (no Home Depot or big box stores)…yet. Each year a few more homes are built on or near the beaches, yet Buena Vista still retains a relaxing and peaceful pace.

A dirt road heading north from here leads up to Punta Pescadero, which features the beautiful Hotel Punta Pescadero (one of Carlos Fiesta’s favorite hotels in the world!). The recently enlarged verandah offers to-die-for views of the Sea of Cortez, and even the pool has a great view! The pace is s-l-o-w and very relaxing.

Just north of the hotel, spectacular beach front homes, complete with a paved airstrip, await the Baja aficionado who really wants to get away from it all.

The road south from Buena Vista also skirts miles of postcard-perfect beaches, with a couple of small, well maintained hotels ready to serve the needs of Baja travelers.

The Buena Vista area has always been a victim of heavy rains and road wash-outs, especially north of town. Baja Highway One has finally gotten it’s just desserts with a new bridge over one of the huge washes north of town (2005), and hopefully the other big arroyo one mile further north will get a bridge soon. Until it does you can plan on waiting out any big rains on Highway One until the water level drops low enough to drive over the Highway. Thank goodness there are only a few days of recordable rains in Baja Sur!

The once famous airstrip at Buena Vista has been replaced with a soccer field and beachfront condos….progress!

What Makes Spa Buena Vista Unique?

Beautiful beaches, pristine natural mineral waters, excellent cuisine, eco-tourism tours and world’s best sportfishing and diving.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort retains the “Old Mexico” style of hospitality. This four-star resort welcomes you with wide-open arms and makes you feel like one of the family. It’s no wonder that guests return again and again, year after year

A short drive north west of Buena Vista on the main highway lies the once-booming mining town of El Triunfo. It is a fascinating place to walk around, and one of Baja’s most historic towns. Although silver and gold are no longer mined here, there is a treasure chest of unique photos awaiting the photographer with a good eye.