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About Vinorama


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Vinorama is a quiet beach village located 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, in the shadow of Cabo Pulmo on the Sea of Cortez.
A charming, peaceful village, off the power grid and powered by solar and generator back up in the National Marine Park.  Clean, healthy water comes from the mountain behind the village. There are no hotels but there are many cozy rental homes and bungalows available in all sizes and great camping on the beach. You will feel very relaxed and welcome here.
The best way into the area is to fly into Los Cabos International Airport (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico) and drive approximately 90 minutes. You also have the option to fly into La Paz, but must expect a two and one half to three hour drive to Cabo Pulmo. You’ll want to bring your supplies with you, as this area is less inhabited, and you will not find regular markets here to stock your shelves. Sometimes it’s best to drive from SJDC airport into CSL, make a Costco stop, and then take the scenic drive through San Jose Del Cabo through the East Cape and up to your final destination.
As the wind surfing capital of the world, it’s apparent that you’ll find the weather here a bit chillier than south on the peninsula due to the high winds that motivate our touristic economy. In addition, we are a snorkeling and surfing capital, where the temps average 10 degrees less than in Cabo in the cooler months, but 5-10 degrees higher during mid-summer.
What makes Vinorama unique?

Crossroads Country Club: A popular hoteland nightspot, offers discounts for shows, meals and clientele. Check out their site to make reservations and for information during your visit!
Cabo Pulmo: just a few moments drive away is the wind surfing capital of the World.