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What Makes Mulege Unique?

mulege cabo properties for sale

Mulegé is a town in the municipality of Mulegé in the state of Baja California Sur, situated at the mouth of the Río Santa Rosalía. Mulegé lies 38 miles south of Santa Rosalia, one of the prettiest towns in Baja California Sur. The village is situated between two hills, in a valley provided with life by a stream that runs till it joins the estuary which flows to the sea; edged by huge palm trees, orchards and fences.

  • The Sierra de Guadalupe – cave paintings are a series of prehistoric rock paintings near Rancho La Trinidad, Mulegé in Mexico. They form part of Central Baja’s Great Mural Tradition and are protected by Mexican law. The largest of several rock walls features the ‘Trinidad deer’, one of the best deer paintings in Baja. The area also includes images of shamanistic figures; fish (including perhaps the only fish skeleton in Baja) and other marine creatures.
  • The Misión Santa Rosalía de Mulegé – was founded in 1705.
  • The Sea of Cortez – is named after the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez. In the past Mulegé made its living mostly from the very good fishing grounds in the Sea of Cortez.
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