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Since the economic crisis in the USA began a few years ago, we’ve found we must re-educate our buyers AND our sellers regarding the local real estate market. For the most part, the media hype, focused mostly within the USA seems to be rooted in some political or socio-economic strategy than in actual facts.

For instance, in 2009, we sat in front of our televisions here in Baja Sur watching our favorite news stations from the East or West Coast of the USA, and heard our fellow americans blandly lump all drug activity, all violence, and all touristic safety issues into an area called ‘Mexico’, rather than correctly relating those newsworthy instances to border towns or MAINLAND MEXICO, where these circumstances continue to wreak havoc on a developing economy’s touristic trade. First there was Swine Flu, which never actually ‘hit’ Baja Sur, then VP Biden said he’d ‘never put his family on a plane to Mexico’ because of the drug violence…we don’t have a drug problem here at land’s end, and then there was an earthquake that caused several clients to contact us to ensure our safety, since Cabo no longer existed. You can only smile and get on with life, knowing media hype can be another tool in better circumstances.

The further south you come along the Baja Peninsula, the safer you are, but that being said, most visitors and vacationers fly over the violence and drug activity withim moments of boarding that connecting flight in Texas or California. If you’re one of a large group of vacationers who cancelled your trip south of the border because it seemed prudent, given the dangers involved, know that you are not alone in having missed out on a perfect family experience in the sun, sand, and sea on Baja Peninsula.

Within these linked and attached news articles, we hope you’ll find reassurance regading your intended vacation or business trip into Baja Sur, where as a resort zone with an economy that is dependent upon your traveller dollars, your safety is of vital interest and concern to the state of Baja Sur. The Municipality and governing body enact safety issues and procedures meant to thwart and prevent any illegal activities or mistreatment of guests in the region before those actions can become an issue.

Do check back occasionally for continued updates…there’s much happening in this ever-growing region, from community growth to population changes, to airline/cruise ship policies and community activities that we think you’ll find of great interest.

The links below will redirect you to articles and printed information about the level of safety in visiting Los Cabos, BCS: