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Relo Family Services


Whether you’re relocating to Los Cabos, or just planning your ultimate visit, there may be questions you have regarding standard services available to visitors in a foreign country that you can rely on for your family’s health and safety. Some of these issues are covered in other pages on this site, such as car and health insurance for extended visits, taking day trips, and what to expect in the way of fun activities.

However, for many of us, there are additional services found locally that you may find a need for, including chiropractic, dental and medical emergency care.

You’ll find that your Blue Shield coverage from the USA is accepted at Amerimed clinics for emergency as well as standard care issues.

cabo properties for sale

In addtition, there are numerous religious centers located in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo you are encouraged and welcome to visit during your stay at Land’s End. We’ve listed them here for your convenience, with the disclaimer that they are not affiliates of C21 Paradise Properties, and we cannot be responsible for any outcomes of your visit to them. You can find these, and others, listed in the local English Newspaper; the Gringo Gazette under “Directory of Services”. This used to be a free local paper, but it’s become so popular that printing demands mandate a small fee for subscribing. You can pick one up free on the streets of Los Cabos after your arrival, but you may find it a very valuable informational tool prior to your visit for a very small fee.

You may have heard the rumor that medical care and, in particular, prescription medication is much cheaper here, but these are just rumors. Though many meds ARE actually cheaper, many are actually more expensive than in the USA and Canada. You’ll receive top notch care at the english speaking hospitals in case of emergency. You also have the option of buying insurance that guarantees helicopter transport to San Diego or any other border hospital you prefer.
But your best resource for variety and decision making will be the local Green Angels; they’ve expanded their roles from highway E-assistance, to your local needs as well. If you have an emergency, call them for BILINGUAL english speaking intervention and assistance at 624.121.1214. For other referrals or assistance, check the local english phone directory.

cabo properties for sale