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Safety and Security


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As the economy began turning it’s back on Americans in 2008, much of that population were not simply affected by the crisis, they HAD an effect on many other economies, including the touristic trade and resort zones worldwide.

Though we heard much from the US media in 2008/2009, and even now, regarding the horrific struggles in Mexico between drug cartel and government/military officials, no one paid much attention to the difficulties the US economic downturn had on tourism worldwide as vacationers tightening their personal and corporate belts put their wallets, and their investment dreams on hold. All focus seemed to be on cruise line cancellations and air travel restrictions.

It is still necessary to address the many spoken (and potentially UNspoken) concerns by vacationers, spring-breakers, and business/investing travelers about the US media claims that all travel to Mexico should be avoided and/or cancelled due to drug cartel violence, potential kidnappings and ‘terrorism’ in general.

If you are travelling to Mainland Mexico, then we would certainly highly recommend you contact a representative of the resort you´re intending to visit to confirm your safety. For the most part, ANY resort area will be highly involved in providing for your comfort, needs and safety on site because Mexico is ‘tourism’ driven. You ARE their economy, and you ARE their future. Your safety and general well-being will be of paramount importance.

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If you´re intending to drive the baja coming through Tijuana, there are travel sites you can visit online that will confirm or deny any suspicions you may have regarding your safe journey. Please visit the U.S. Department of State official Travel Initiative for additional detailed information, but apply common sense to your decision as well. The best advice anyone can offer is that you don´t attempt to drive the Baja in 2 days, and that you never drive at night. This is actually not due to banditos, drug cartel or other miscreants. It’s because portions of the road are treacherous, and livestock is allowed to free-range here. This means there´s a high probability you´re going to have to slow down for crossing goats, cows, brahma bulls and horses running amock on the highway at any time of day, but especially at night. They navigate towards the highway´s flatter surface and continuing warmth of the day well into the wee hours.

Nobody wants to start a vacation by rounding a curva peligrosa at 50mph on an unlighted highway and come nose to nose with a creature large enough to change the model of your vehicle and potentially end your trip! You´ll also find that the 4-7 Federale inspection points about mid-Baja are a great deterrent to illicit traffic, and the further south you come, the safer your journey becomes.

Most visitors, however, are arriving by air, and so you’re flying right over the difficult regions in Baja Norte, where there is still difficulty between drug cartels resulting in violence, even though the local federales are doing a great job keeping things under at least a modicum of control. The difficulties you´re hearing about in the news regarding travel warnings and kidnap fears and drug cartel shootouts are occurring on the mainland and literally in states along the USA border. This is a great distance across the Sea of Cortez and north of Baja Sur by more than a thousand miles

Here in this isolated resort/vacation zone, we do not experience the violence or the crime that occur in the larger metropolitan areas of the Mainland. As well, because this is a world-reknowned tourist destination, the protection of that tourist trade is at the top of the municipalitys to-do list, and can be seen with the additional policia and federale staff brought in to reinforce the law and maintain the safety of you and your family during holidays and peak vacation periods throughout the year.

This does not mean we never experience crime, but it´s usually the small town crime of opportunity and the ever-growing problem with grafiti by teenagers. As always, when travelling internationally, you must remember you are in a foreign country, where US/Canadian laws are not adhered to. Do we need to suggest you behave appropriately?

With spring break and the end of year holidays, which is when many of you tend to visit this beautiful paradise at Land´s End, comes the noisey bustle and sometimes bad behavior of visitors and locals who imbibe too much alcohol, food and good times, and occasionally find themselves in difficult situations as a result.

We can´t promise you won´t be one of those, or at least run into one of those difficult parties, or that there won´t be a local wanting to take advantage of a potential individual drug sale or other illegal behavior. No one could guarantee such tranquility when so many diverse peoples come together in one small city, but you can prepare yourself by obtaining pre-travel information, including consulate and emergency phone numbers, as well as information about local activities and tour contact information you may find very helpful by simply asking us to contact you directly using links found at the bottom of each of these site pages..

We can assure you, as full time residents, that the staunchly Catholic and family-oriented locals will go out of their way to ensure your general safety and well being in a variety of ways you may never experience in your home town. I feel safer here, living in a condo community just off the carreterra, than I did in Tacoma, WA living in an intimate, private and gated middle-class community.

In other words, for those of you who need a vacation and time with family and friends, don´t cancel your trip because of the difficulties on Mainland Mexico and just over the Baja Norte border based on the media hype. If these are the areas you´re heading for, engage in due diligence beforehand: make a phone call or two…..visit an appropriate travel website for information, or call a trusted local contact, such as your real estate agent for real-time updates. Your trip is likely completely safe, as are you, but it’s always best to make sure.

We are your local eyes and ears, and our goal is to develop a long-term relationship of trust between us so that you will refer us to your friends and family for years to come. We’re always happy to answer questions and provide accurate information to ensure your safety, well-being, and enjoyment while visiting our beautiful area.