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San Ignacio

What Makes San Ignacio Unique?

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San Ignacio is a palm oasis town in Mulegé Municipality of northern Baja California Sur state in Mexico,  located on Mexican Federal Highway 1 between Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalía. A whale skeleton on Highway 1 marks the halfway point on the long drive from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas and also marks the turnoff into the small town of San Ignacio.

At San Ignacio, the Baja’s arid Central Desert terrain gives way to a large grove of lush green date palms. A large spring-fed pond and small river on the outskirts of town feeds into the central plaza next to an eighteenth-century Jesuit mission.

San Ignacio serves as the gateway to San Ignacio Lagoon, the winter time sanctuary of the Pacific Gray Whale.

The beautiful lagoon on the road into town is actually part of the Río San Ignacio, one of only two real rivers in the entire state of Baja California Sur, though it looks more like a lake than a river.

The gateway to Laguna San Ignacio, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. One of the best whale watching areas in all of Baja. Laguna San Ignacio is the only lagoon visited by the California gray whales that is still completely undeveloped.

Incredible cave paintings in the mountains of the San Francisco de la Sierra. Tours to the cave paintings range in length from seven hours to a few days, and a licensed guide must accompany you with mules and donkeys to take you along with your food and supplies, into the mountains.