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Santa Rosalia

What Makes Santa Rosalia Unique?

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Santa Rosalía was founded in the early 1880’s when copper was discovered. A French mining company bought the mineral rights and drilled hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, built a smelting foundry, a railroad to haul the ore and the pier from which they shipped the smelted ore to Washington State to be refined.

The beaches here are mostly dark gray sand with a scattering of rocks and they are hardly ever used by the local residents (very hot summer days, maybe). It seems that the weather here is usually too hot in the summer and it can get a bit chilly in the winter. Santa Rosalía just does not have the qualities it takes to be, or become a serious resort destination, but for those looking for a refuge or reclusive lifestyle, it should not be discounted.

A little way into the center of town is the Iglesia Santa Barbara de Santa Rosalía church, famous for being designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel who designed and built the Eiffel Tower. The prefab iron church was shipped from Europe in sections and then rebuilt in Santa Rosalia in 1897.

A public library in Parque Morelos, at the east end of town near the harbor, has an exhibit of historic photos from the town’s peak mining period.

The ferry terminal to Guaymas on mainland México is located at the waterfront just south of the entrance to town