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Selling Your Property

Selling Your Home or Property in Mexico
Insight From Local Experts

For the last fifteen years buying real estate within Baja California, Mexico, for residential or business purposes, has been an attractive activity to foreigners.

Though US and Canadian markets affect the Mexican economy to some degree, the sub-prime difficulties affecting the United States’ Market are having primarily indirect and muted effect on foreign investors coming into Mexico.

cabo properties for sale

Homes, condominiums, lots and properties remain in high demand. Real estate values in Baja that have been rising for years should realize increases again over the coming months. If you plan on selling real estate in Baja you are wise to consult a trusted real estate professional to be confident of receiving the right price for your investment.

Establishing a reasonable and profitable listing price for a home is perhaps the biggest challenge for every home seller. Before coming to a final figure, many sellers wonder: “My neighbor’s property sold for such and such a price, can I use that as a basis for pricing my property?” “We’re coming into ‘high season’, maybe I should increase my price to suit the new buyer market’. These and many other factors must be considered before settling on a listing price. In developing a relationship with your Real Estate professional, you’ll be able to make wise decisions to sell your property in a shortened period of time.

Through the MLS, and our staff and agents’ extensive network of relationships, we can assist you in buying, selling or developing any property or business in the lower Baja. We can act as your agent on any Cabo real estate, whether it’s listed by us or another MLS member, or no one at all — including most developments that offer property through an in-house staff.

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