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The East Cape

What Makes East Cape Unique?     

the east cape cabo properties for sale

The Sea of Cortez is named after the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez. In the past Mulegé and surrounding towns and colonias made their living mostly from the very good fishing grounds in the Sea of Cortez

There is still quite a bit of farming activity, the area is famous for the quality of the chilies and basil grown here. Mango groves and papaya trees were often used as property dividers in this fertile valley that fronts on the Pacific Ocean. Along with the mangos and papayas produced, the local fields also produce strawberries and a very flavorful cherry tomato

East Cape has become a mecca for folks wanting the ‘old Baja reclusiveness’, as well as Bisbee Fishing Tournaments, the Score International Baja 500 and Baja 1000 tournaments and windsurfing competition in Cabo Pulmo.

A myriad of beautiful beaches dot the coastline including  Playa Los Frailes (The Monks Beach), Playa Anónima (Anonymous Beach), Playa La Laguna, Playa at 13.6 mile mark and Playa Higuera (Fig Tree Beach)