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The Pacific Side

What Makes The Pacific Side Unique?

the pacific side cabo properties for sale

What locals call “The Pacific Side” includes small villages and communities along the Pacific Coastline, such as El Pescadero on Federal Highway 19 running along the Pacific Ocean from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos about a one-hour drive north.  Points of interest include Punta Lobos, Todos Santos, San Pedrito Beach and Cerritos Beach. Most of this area is considered “Off the Grid”, meaning infrastructure is available from the highway, but most residents prefer solar power and private wells. Those who come to Baja Sur to get away from the ruckus and noise of more touristic towns will find themselves drawn to either East Cape or here, on the Pacific Side.

The climate here is one of the finest of all of Baja California Sur. It is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean which moderates the temperatures year round. In the summer, the ocean breezes keep the heat at manageable levels. Winter, generally the months of March through May, is marked by warm days and cooler temperatures at night.

Surf breaks punctuate the length of the peninsula’s Pacific coast. Two of the best are located in Pescadero. Los Cerritos and San Pedrito. Both beaches have right breaks. Los Cerritos is one of the best for beginner and intermediate surfers. San Pedrito is considered an advanced surfer’s break because of its rocky bottom and strong currents.

Each March, the puebla hosts the Chili and Strawberry Festival, celebrating and promoting the area’s agriculture. Organic produce and plants are offered for sale, food is available to sample, and agricultural products and tools are on display from vendors. The festival includes a dance, crowning of a queen, and a cabalgante – a procession of horse and riders from Todos Santos to the festival in Pescadero.